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Pumpkin Field


Goober Bub's Pumpkin Patch Help Center

Is there an admission fee to Goober Bub's?

During pumpkin season, there will be an admission fee to our farm. However, this admission fee will be returned as a purchase credit at checkout!

$10 admission fee for an individual

$20 admission fee for a group (a group is defined as multiple people in the SAME CAR)

We accept credit card, debit card, Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay

How much are your pumpkins? 

Small pumpkins / gourds are priced individually based on size.

Larger, full-sized pumpkins are $0.99/pound, weighed at checkout.

What else is available at the pumpkin patch?

Hayride, swing sets, yard games, sand boxes, little tikes toys, fresh baked goodies, and special appearances by various vendors!

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