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About Goober Bub's Orchard and Bakery

We are a family run U-Pick farm where you can find fresh berries in the spring, off-the-vine pumpkins in the fall, delicious baked goods, and more than anything, fun memories. We believe one of the ways God reveals His goodness to us is through simple things like good food and fun experiences, and we hope to provide you with those things at Goober Bub's Orchard and Bakery. Located between Justin and Ponder, if you're located in North Texas, we're just a short drive away. We hope you'll come see us!

What's with the name? 

"Goober" is the grandpa name that was given to Joy's dad, and "Bub" is the grandpa name that was given to Tim.

Goober and Bub took an interest in beekeeping around the same time. They were excited about navigating this hobby together and providing their communities with delicious honey. Soon after they became amateur beekeepers, though, Goober was unexpectedly called home to be with the Lord. At that point, Bub decided to add Goober's collection of bee hives to his own to continue what they had started. 

The first honey harvest that came from those bees was the birth of "Goober Bub's Honey." Over the past several years, in addition to providing the community with honey, Goober Bub's has grown to include, homemade jams, and now blackberries, strawberries, and baked goods. We are excited to continue what "Goober" and "Bub" started! 

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