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Bakery Treats

These are all of the items currently available in the Goober Bub's farm store. All treats are subject to availability. The best selection will be first thing Saturday morning, but we try our hardest to have as many things as possible stocked during the week. 


Strawberry Cake Donut

Cake donut (fried) and dusted with strawberry sugar

Strawberry Jam Muffin

Strawberry muffin with a swirl of Goober Bub's jam, brown sugar streusel, and drizzle of icing


Berrydoodle Sammie

Strawberry twist on the classic snickerdoodle, sandwiched with strawberry buttercream

Beth Marie's "Goober Bub's Strawberry" Ice Cream

Made with Goober Bub's strawberries


Grilled Cheese Panini

Available plain, or with Goober Bub's regular or habanero strawberry jam

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade


Strawberry Jam

Regular or Habanero

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